“Their homemade BBQ sauce is the difference when it comes to their competition. Sonny, the owner, is very personable and I love how he promotes locally made and Michigan made products in his food. His buffet is also a very good value and he offers a good variety of meats and sides.”
Mike P.
Battle Creek, MI

Awesome BBQ And Really Friendly Service Too
“The lunch buffet is the best in BC – value, taste and variety!!
And as a bonus, everything that can be sourced locally is – how can you not support a place like this?
All smoked to deliciousness in the large smoker plainly visible in the front.”

Discerning D.
Mattawan, MI

“We were driving back from Kalamazoo on a Saturday afternoon when we decided to stop and get some lunch. This place was a pleasant surprise.

For $9.99, we got the BBQ buffet — chicken, pulled pork, rib tips. All smoked to deliciousness in the large smoker plainly visible in the front. The sides were good too. The mac and cheese, coleslaw, and potato salad were made in-house. I had never had spaghetti with beef brisket in it before, but it was delish.
The beef brisket is remarkable.”

Tamara Y.
Royal Oak, MI

“Got some take out last night. The beef brisket is remarkable; it is five star material. Asked for the sandwich and that some fat be left on the meat. Cut perfectly plus the sauce on the side was excellent. Choice of soft white roll or a hoagie style roll; trust me, go with the hoagie. They grilled the roll. The sandwich was an obvious success.
On to side dishes: the potato salad is some of the best I have ever had. Very creamy with fresh vegetables and a good amount of mustard. Baked beans were too sweet (noted by others); they had a different spice flavor in the sauce and to me, it was something like spaghetti sauce; the beans were perfectly cooked and a little bbq pork was included; the sauce is the only thing holding this place from five stars.
I shall return. ”

Steve S.
Downers Grove, IL

This Is The Best In Michigan
“I found this place online, and said I gotta check it out. I drive to Texas and all around the south for good BBQ, and I have to say this is the best I’ve had in Michigan without smoking it myself! You get plenty of food for your buck! I had the mixed plate which came with pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs and brisket. I loved the pork, the brisket was tender, as were the ribs. To me the best part of the chicken is the skin but I didn’t get any……. I will definitely be back but I will make sure that I order my meat dry. The sauce was good but the only time I sauce it up is when the meats not the best.”

James B

Best BB, Bar None
“This is the best barbecue you’ll ever have. Bar none.”
MacKenzie Trae Damron

Best BBQ In Michigan
“There is none better in this part of the country…”
Joseph Grant

Awesome Sandwiches And Nice Beer Selection Too
“I just wanted to let you know that the Vegetarian sandwiches you make on Your sourdough bread is AWESOME! Nice beer selection too! Thanks for the Great food! ”
Gregory H. Ludwick

What A Great Lunch, A Most Delicious BBQ Brisket
“Just had my Lunch, A most delicious BBQ Brisket of Beef Sandwich with Potato salad.

The Sandwich consisted of several thick slices of Brisket of beef, beautifully smoked, tender to a perfection, with just the right amount of their great BBQ sauce, all on a nice bun, with Two huge scoops of their fine Potato salad…

What a great Lunch, Thank you Sonny’s for this taste treat and for all of you that have not had this taste sensation, you are really missing out!”

Jim Sheldon

BBQ King
“Sonny’s have stepped up to BBQ king…… for sure the best BBQ joint in town! Thanks for all the great meals.”
Scott Spees

Love The Mac & Cheese
“I went here looking for bbq. I was decently happy with what I found. But I was blown away by their macaroni and cheese. It’s made to order: noodles, mixed with a dry rub, then mixed with cheese and put into the oven. It’s super heavy, but oh, so good. The buffet doesn’t seem worth it to me, as the meal portions are large. Also, you want fresh mac & cheese, not old stuff on the buffet. They seem to put celery seed in everything, including their bbq sauce, which was a bit odd. Overall, I’d recommend them. It’s not the best bbq in the world, but the mac and cheese and the chai tea is wonderful.”

Great Food
“Thanks for dinner Sonny, it was fabulous like always :)”
Amber Smith

The Pies Were Delicious
“The pies were delicious!!! (we bought a slice each of cherry berry and blueberry too) so everyone needs to come in and get some for themselves!”
Stephanie Marie Cameron

The Pulled Pork Was Fantastic
“It’s not often work takes me to Battle Creek, but today, it did. A co-worker and I were killing time when we went by where the OT’s cart used to be on Beadle Lake Road. I mentioned that I was a little disappointed it wasn’t there and the guy I was with said he ate at a place a couple years ago that had great BBQ.

I know of two BBQ joints in the Cereal City and if it wasn’t OT’s, it had to be Sonny’s. I didn’t know the address, but thanks to modern technology (ie. smartphones), that wasn’t a problem. We found the address and realized we were pretty close, so we headed that way for lunch.

Sonny’s BBQ Pit (formerly Sonny’s Pit Stop) is on Columbia Avenue just east of Woodrow Avenue on Battle Creek’s west side. The building is a stand alone in a very commercial area. There’s a patio out front with an entrance that leads into a small dining room.

We actually entered through a side door and I saw a sign that said to sit down if you were planning on eating in. We were so I went to sit down. My co-worker noticed the buffet and headed right for it. He asked the waiter, who someone else actually called Sonny, if the buffet was going today. He said it was and that made our decision easy.

While we were looking over the buffet, the waiter brought out a couple Cokes. The advantage of going to the buffet was that I could have as much pulled pork as I wanted and that’s dangerous. I used to eat at a Texas-style BBQ buffet when I lived in Peoria. I left feeling sick every time. Sick not because the food was bad, but because I had eaten way too much. I knew I could do the same thing today if I wasn’t careful.

My first trip I went for the basics. I grabbed a paper plate off the stack and opened up the hotel pan that was filled with rib tips. I put a pile on my plate and then loaded up a bun with pulled pork. The best thing about the buffet is everything is served naked. There are bottles of the Original sauce on each of the tables, but they also had bottles of their Sweet Sauce and Spicy Sauce near the buffet. My first go around, I stuck to the original.

The rib tips were not what I was expecting. There were no bones which was awesome. It was just tender pieces of ribs that are perfectly cooked; Very tender and still a little juicy. I covered them in the original sauce which was very good. Not too sweet, but still in that Memphis sweet style.

The pulled pork was fantastic. It’s served the way I like it and again, very tender and very juicy for a piece of meat that is slow smoked. I put a lot more on my bun that I’m sure I would have gotten had I ordered off the menu. Again, I topped the sandwich with the original sauce. Not too much though because I really wanted to enjoy the meat.

On my second trip, I noticed a tray of Mac & Cheese had been brought out. Of course I had to try that. It was a little different than what I was expecting. It was more peppery than cheesy, but still very good.

I also picked up more pulled pork on my second trip. No bread this time though, just straight pork. I did go with the sweet sauce on this trip and this sauce is right up my alley. It’s not too thick, but very sweet. I know not everyone likes the sweet sauces, but I do and this one was definitely sweet.

My co-worker branched out a little more on the sides than I did. He also got a pulled pork sandwich in addition to spaghetti, corn bread and baked beans. I didn’t ask for specifics, but I know he was very pleased.

We sat there for a little bit after we got done eating to let the food digest. Our bills were about $10 a piece and that includes the drink. It’s hard to get a meal at a BBQ joint for that price. Granted, there were no ribs on the buffet, but I almost always order pulled pork anyway.

Sonny’s is another great BBQ joint in Battle Creek. The big advantage they have over the competition is that they actually have a dining room. The buffet is a great idea and it’s really priced well. I was heading back to find a fast food joint somewhere so I’m really glad my co-worker brought it up. J’s a little mad at me because I had BBQ without her but she’ll get over it. I’ll bring her back next time we’re in Battle Creek.”

Best Mac And Cheese!!!!!!
“Absolutely LOVE Sonny’s food!!! The mac and cheese is the best!”
Shannon Creech-Brown

Good Stuff
“Sonny, the pulled pork I got this afternoon was practically licked clean by 6 pm! Good stuff! I told everyone I got it from you!”
Elizabeth Hannon Casterline

Chicken Nachos
“I test-drove an order of the Chicken Nachos for lunch. They arrived just as pretty as shown above. Tasty, tender chicken chunks, cheesy sauce, tomatoes, lettuce & diced onions on crunchy corn chips. Pretty tasty! 🙂
A fresh salsa made with tomatoes, onions, cilantro & peppers would be a welcome addition.”

Diane Wright

“Dear Sonny,

Thank you so much for stepping in to help TRMI, Inc. during our cafeteria transitions. The service you provided on all of our shifts was outstanding! The food that was served by Sonny’s Pit Stop was delicious and all of our Associates loved having you serve them over last three weeks!

Keep up the good work and keep in touch, I have been in human resources for almost 20 years and you are one of the most professional and reliable caterers I have had the pleasure to work with!

My only regret is that you have spoiled our Associates so much that the new service as the BIG shoes to fill. Thanks so much for a terrific job!


Michelle Tuyls
HR Generalist

“Sonny and Staff.
On the behalf of the Battle Creek Community Foundation I would like to express our sincere thanks for an amazing and very delicious buffet. We were very pleased with your food and service. We have received many complements!! So again Thank you!”

Deb Miller

“Sonny’s food is WONDERFUL!! He has catered food for many events for my group of 500 here at Kellogg’s, always receiving rave reviews. Sonny’s has the best Mac N’ Cheese ever!
On a personal note, when Sonny had heard we had just lost our Mother, he was so gracious to our family. He donated food to the family while visitors were streaming in to say goodbye to her. We will never forget that act of kindness.”

Laura Rivera

“Sonny catered my 25 year work anniversary celebration in January. It was fabulous. A good old fashion BBQ Lunch in the dead of Winter. My co-workers were treated to a mouth-watering array of pulled pork, tips, chicken, and the sides…and they have since used Sonny’s catering service many times.

Thanks Sonny. I’m sure we will see you often at the home base!”
Chris Kallgren
Kraft Food

Thank you for the excellent lunch today for our 200 guests. I hope it ends up being as good for your business as it was for ours. We will definitely have to do it again.
Your food was great and your service and setup was no only convenient, but also a blessing. My luncheons usually involve me or another sales person grilling burgers or dogs instead of paying attention and talking to our clients. You freed up the much needed time for all of us to do just that.
And at a very reasonable price.
Thanks Again!”

Jeff Wheaton
Operations Manager
T.A. Gentry Supply, Inc.

Academy Alumni Association
“Thank you so much Sonny for supplying the great food for our police officers. It was greatly appreciated.”
Citizen Police
Academy Alumni Association