Our restaurant started in 2003 in Battle Creek MI, (Cereal City) with a dream to serve great food while enjoying the company of our great customers. While we were doing good business, I always had this feeling that we are missing something. That’s when I started with my Smoking Meat Adventure in 2007 with a small backyard smoker. As the demand grew so did our smokers and items on the menu. Now all the meats are bought with minimum processing. We try to use mostly locally sourced meats and produce as it becomes available. Now we smoke meats not limited to ribs, wings, brisket, etc. We smoke them every day, some all night, and others half day. All the side dishes are made from scratch everyday while using old lost recipes, when food was simple but tasted great.

In this world of drive- thru quick meals, we take time to prepare our food. Spending two days to make potato salad or soaking dry beans overnight to be cooked next morning for four hours are just few examples. Also we use real ingredients in our cooking. For Mac & Cheese, we use a blend of four freshly grated real dairy cheeses (no mystery cheeses here).

We had a pleasure of being awarded Best in Southwest Michigan and top ten in Michigan since 2010 for every year. We have been catering events ranging from 20 guests at birthday party to 2000 at company outing. There are no events we can’t do. We have been serving the great people of Kalamazoo with our second location on 911 Cork St, since 2013. Our dedication is to provide our guests with great, honest food, made with responsible, locally sourced ingredients while taking time to smoke our meats for extended period of time.

Recently we started a new adventure to help Military Vets to own their own food trucks and be their own bosses. This project is spearheaded by our long time employee, now owner/operator of his own Food Trailer, Hogzilla S.O.W (Squeals On Wheels). He was wounded in Iraq in 2004 and lost his eye as well as went through hardship as he returned home. So he decided to create more opportunities for fellow Vets, while being source of income to their families. We are just honored to be part of this journey.